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Waypoint Secure Connectivity (WSC) establishes a Network as-a-Service (NaaS) solution prioritizing security, for LAN, WAN, and Wireless access needs. Our approach integrates networking and security technologies, bolstering defenses across on-premises and cloud environments to address the expanding digital attack arena. WSC effectively covers the comprehensive digital attack landscape, facilitating security and network recovery to safeguard devices, data, and applications. This capability empowers enterprises to be confident in their network, ensuring uniform policies, streamlined management and oversight, and automated security measures.


+Monthly maintenance and firmware patching to keep your systems up to date and secure
+Waypoint will make required network changes to suit business requirements without additional fees*
+Quarterly reporting to keep tabs on the health of your organization and plan for the future
+Proactive network monitoring
+Monthly log reviews
+Hardware remediation services included*

*Some restrictions may apply

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