What makes Waypoint the Best Choice

Waypoint is committed to helping our customers align their business goals with technology by providing quality, scalable, and cost effective data center solutions.

The Waypoint Way

With years of technical expertise and excellent customer support, Waypoint focuses on infrastructure assessment, design, deployment and management to optimize their client’s infrastructure. Waypoint’s strategic partnership with leading technology companies enables Waypoint to share with clients the most updated and industry leading solutions. Founded in 1997, Waypoint Business Solutions is a privately held company building their client’s critical IT environments and infrastructures. Known for their business acumen as well as technical expertise, Waypoint partners with clients to develop infrastructure technology solutions created specifically to meet the client’s business needs.

The Thought Behind the Name

We chose the name Waypoint for our organization because it matched how we wanted to think about technology solutions for our clients. Waypoint is a navigational term. If you fly a plane from Houston to New York, you don’t point it in the general direction and go. You have a plan in which you head for a radio Waypoint. Once you reach that goal, you set your sights on the second Waypoint. You don’t have to fly back to the beginning and start over, but build upon the ground you’ve already covered. You keep reaching Waypoints until you reach your final destination. Technology is similar. We have a place we want to get to, but we create short, achievable goals along the way. We build on each goal without having to rip and replace until we ultimately reach our final destination. We think that is a Way-cool way to think about it and we hope you do too.

Meet our Team

Paul Neyman


Paul Neyman is the President and an original founder of Waypoint Business Solutions. Paul leads Waypoint as a premier professional services infrastructure consulting firm by developing strong delivery methodologies and strategic relationships with industry leaders. Paul holds a master of business administration degree from the University of Houston, and a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts from Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, La.

Travis Pulliam

Vice President of Finance

As Vice President of Finance for Waypoint Business Solutions, Travis Pulliam is responsible for key business and financial initiatives and operational management of accounting, finance and human resources activities. Travis has over fifteen years consulting experience and began his career as a project manager for Arthur Andersen Business Consulting. Travis holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Princeton University.

Braxton Hickman

Vice President of Sales

Braxton Hickman is the Vice President of Sales for Waypoint Business Solutions. Braxton led Waypoint into an industry leading sales organization by building strategic relationships with clients and vendors. Braxton has been in the IT industry for twenty years. Braxton holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas where he was an All American baseball player and went on to play a few seasons in the Kansas City Royal organization.