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Titanium Partner

Building the Data Center

Waypoint holds expertise in the design and implementation of server, storage, and networking solutions that are the foundation to the data center.  Our solutions account for your current demands and provide a path to meet your needs as they change into the future.  We build with upon a Dell centered foundation and incorporate complimentary hardware and software components in a proven and economical design.

Connecting the Workforce

Today’s modern workforce connects in a multitude of ways including local networks, wireless networks, remote offices, mobile devices, and cloud services. Security and management become overwhelming.  Waypoint’s seventeen years of experience facilitates the most practical and manageable solutions for your connected workforce.   Let us help you execute a perfect wireless network or the 10GB core you’ve been eyeing.

Enabling the Endpoints

Ultimately the purpose of IT is to get applications and data to your end users to deliver your core business value.  Waypoint has solutions and experience to improve user management and security, update and secure end point devices, provide and maintain applications, and protect data residing outside the data center.  From handhelds to full client owned and employee owned, we know how to get IT delivered.

Protecting the Data

One thing we’ve learned in the Gulf Coast is that the risk of natural disaster is ever present.  Whether its hurricanes, tornadoes, ice, or simply a truck into the power pole, we provide answers on how to survive against outages.  Waypoint knows how to create redundancies in all aspects of your environment with the ability to meet service level agreements from hours to minutes.  Our solutions are simple to use and simple to manage and ready even when you aren’t.