Data Protection Everywhere!

DATA PROTECTION EVERYWHERE: The right level of data protection exactly where you need it! Join Waypoint and EMC, and learn about EMC’s comprehensive, purpose-built protection for diverse backup and recovery landscapes, mission-critical applications, virtualized environments, archived data, and more. Attendees will learn about EMC’s Data Protection Suite family of products and how it helps our [...]

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Crescent City Steakhouse & Jazzfest 2016

Maxta. Jazzfest. Music to your ears! Why? They both offer flexible, efficient, scalable and simple notes that combine into perfect harmony. Join Waypoint, Maxta and Dell for a little lunch, a little education and A LOT of music! We’d like to share how Maxta and Dell work together to create a hyper-converged solution that delivers [...]

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Batman vs Superman Movie Premiere

Bring justice to your VDI performance...and your bottom line! Let Waypoint, Dell and Nutanix’s caped crusaders help you do just that! You’ll learn how coupling the Dell XC Web-Scale appliance with Nutanix delivers invisible infrastructure for next-generation VDI performance and scalability. Register for this private movie premiere today and you’ll receive one complimentary ticket, movie [...]

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5 Keys to Creating a Disaster Recovery Plan for SMBs

Disasters, which strike businesses every single day, are equal opportunity offenders. Across the globe, companies of all sizes and across all industries are at risk. So what can you do to prepare your business for the inevitable? Be proactive. Create a disaster recovery and business continuity plan before it's too late. Waypoint has partnered with Datto, [...]

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Data Lifecycle Management

Data Lifecycle Management – Solving the tape problem So, this one was requested. And it’s an interesting one, because it comes up a ton. A lot of you guys (my customers) have data lifecycle initiatives, and they are relatively simple. What data do you care about? The most recent copy, of course. So how long [...]

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Waypoint, Dell, Kemp – Protection beyond the Firewall

We have all read the news on “back doors” embedded into firewall code allowing intruders into networks undetected and hopefully you were not affected.  But, the news does highlight how we all need to think about security in everything we do so that if one defense fails us we have levels of additional protection throughout [...]

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San Antonio Dell Solutions Showcase

Come Join Dell and Waypoint at the Dell at the Solutions Showcase.  Today’s far-reaching IT trends – cloud, mobility, big data and security – are creating massive business advantages. Join us to learn how Dell technology solutions can help you seize the opportunities and prosper. As a special bonus, Brent Piercey, Waypoint’s CTO, will present on [...]

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Faulty Firewalls?

So for many years we have relied on firewalls as the front line of defense to our organizations networks.  But, what happens when that defense is compromised?  The recent news around the Juniper code makes all of us a little more than nervous.  Of course we tell ourselves we are "too small to be a [...]

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